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Losing weight: The importance of the right mindset by Rita Santos

Deciding to lose weight and committing to that decision is no easy task. Change your mindset first and start this journey now!

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It's been almost seven years since the day I decided to start losing weight . Until then, I was a sedentary person, I didn't have any healthy habits and I thought that starting to be more careful with my health would be too painful a process. For me, losing weight meant that I would have to suffer, starve and invest a lot of time and money.

But, after losing 20 kg, I now realize that my way of thinking was the main reason for not being able to lose weight. This mindset was what limited me, every day.

It is precisely because I know the importance of mindset for weight loss that I want to share with you everything you need to know to start your journey now.

The first step to losing weight

Shortly after I started dieting , I realized that the strategy I initially adopted wasn't going to work. A few months later – and many failed attempts – I understood something fundamental: the way I was thinking about losing weight was limiting my action. There had to be a different way of doing what was necessary to actually start losing weight . Changing my mindset was the first step to finally seeing results!

4 Principles to lose weight

Before starting your weight loss journey , it is very important that you adhere to the following four principles:

#1: Believe it is possible

If you are constantly thinking:

  • “I’ve tried and I really can’t do it”;
  • “I don’t have time for this”;
  • “Losing weight is only for those with a fast metabolism”;
  • “I don’t have willpower”;
  • “I’ve tried a lot of diets, but that’s just the way I am”;
  • “I can’t resist sweets”;
  • “I’m going to have to starve”...

So, you will continue to make choices that will not help you with your weight loss . Note: if you think you can't do it, it's not even worth trying, right?

If you really want to start losing weight , the first step is to believe that it is possible. From then on, you will always look for solutions instead of problems.

This is not to say that losing weight will be an easy task. In any change you make, you will always encounter challenges and this also happens with weight loss. To overcome these challenges you need to follow principle #2.

#2: Define your reason for losing weight

The day I decided I was going to lose weight was the day my mother was diagnosed with a serious illness, which left her dependent. My mother was always overweight , suffered from stress and all of this could have contributed to her becoming ill. At that moment I thought: “What if I have the same disease? No one will be able to take care of me with all this weight!” This was my reason to start (and continue) losing weight, even when it was very difficult and I felt like giving up.

Defining a reason helps you overcome those moments when you feel like giving up. This reason must be focused on you and be strong enough for you to adopt long-term habits . Remember: this is a forever transformation!

#3: Commit to your transformation

This point may seem the most difficult because it is not something tangible. Therefore, I now share some questions that will help you understand if you are really committed to your weight loss:

  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight?
  • Are you willing to put into practice what you learned?
  • Are you willing to overcome difficult times and continue?

Being interested in losing weight is completely different from being committed . When we are interested in losing weight, we go on a diet . But there comes a time when it becomes too difficult and we give up. On the contrary, when we are committed we always find a way to continue.

#4: Think long term

When I started exercising , I researched a lot about the best type of exercise to lose weight . I decided to start running and ran 10 km. But there was a problem, I hated running and I couldn't imagine doing it for the rest of my life. Instead of giving up, I asked myself: “How can I include physical exercise in my routine and enjoy doing it?” I tried several things until I realized that I liked exercising at home . Today, four years later, I continue to do so!

After believing that it is possible, finding your reason and being committed to change, it is time to define a transformation plan . For sustainable weight loss , you must think long term and adopt habits that you know you will be able to follow for the rest of your life.

Most people believe that dieting is the way to lose weight, but I hope that with this article you understand the power of having the right mindset . When you add some healthy habits, patience, resilience and consistency to this, you will certainly achieve the weight you have always wanted.

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Patrícia Carocha

Querida Rita: desde novembro de 2019 até hoje já lá vão 10kgs (de 73 para 63)… Muita energia, elevada autoestima (as minhas filhas adolescentes – de 16 e 14 anos – criaram um slogan e passaram a adotar as minhas rotinas: #somostodosmãe.


Querida Rita: desde novembro de 2019 até hoje já lá vão 10kgs (de 73 para 63)… Muita energia, elevada autoestima (as minhas filhas adolescentes – de 16 e 14 anos – criaram um slogan e passaram a adotar as minhas rotinas: #somostodosmãe.


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