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6 Tips for Healthy Eating by Tatiana Pinheiro

Need guidance to gain good eating habits? In this article, we give you 6 tips for healthy eating.

Tips for healthy eating

More and more people are looking for the best tips for healthy eating . The main goal of many is to change habits and gain health. At the same time, numerous sources of information related to this topic are available. In theory, we know what needs to be done, but not everyone does it. Why?

It is worth noting that adopting good eating habits does not just involve changing your shopping list. It also includes changing behavior in general. This process is not easy and requires discipline and willpower, but it is not impossible! In this article, I share 6 healthy eating tips to help with this process.

1. Plan the weekly menu

It seems like a cliché, but planning your weekly menu and making a shopping list helps you buy only the essentials. Furthermore, it is an important support in structuring different meals throughout the day.

Having your meals and snacks prepared avoids those after-hours snacks. These are generally not very healthy or suitable for those looking to improve their eating habits.

2. Ensure daily fiber intake

To help control food intake, it is important to ensure the necessary amount of fiber. This way, you will be promoting satiety , delaying gastric emptying and also regulating intestinal transit.

In this sense, you should introduce whole grains (such as rice or whole grain pasta, wholemeal flour, oat flakes or quinoa) into your diet. In addition, you must include legumes (such as beans, chickpeas, lentils or broad beans) and respect the recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables.

3. Invest in plant-based foods between meals

One of the tips for healthy eating that I like to share most is the use of plant-based foods in daily snacks.

Raw vegetables (carrot sticks, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes) and legume spreads (hummus, pâtés) They are excellent options for these small meals. Additionally, eating oilseed fruits such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or cashews is another nutritious choice. These options are excellent sources of fiber, vegetable protein and unsaturated fats, respectively.

4. Drink water: Hydration is essential

Feeling hungry is often a sign of dehydration. If you have difficulty drinking water or don't like doing so, don't worry. There are many alternatives. Try, for example, infusions or flavored waters to suit your taste. For this, you can use mint, cinnamon, cucumber, ginger, lemon or orange leaves. The important thing is to drink and hydrate!

5. Set goals

When we set out to change routines, one of the most important tips for healthy eating is setting daily and/or weekly goals . This way, it is possible to make a gradual change, with the aim of making it a habit.

For example, you can aim to drink eight glasses of water or tea a day or eat a portion of legumes two to three times a week. You can even set a meat-free day. However, the most important thing is that it is a change that makes sense for you.

6. Seek help from an expert

There is a healthy eating tip that complements all the previous ones: look for a nutritionist ! Who better than a professional in the field to motivate you and help you meet your needs?

There can be many reasons for changing eating habits, from weight loss or gain, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases or a health condition. If you have a specific objective, individualized monitoring is important. Starting an appropriate nutritional re-education process is the best way to obtain positive long-term results.

More tips for healthy eating on the Oito.Um blog

At Oito.Um, we also care about your food. On our blog, you will find several articles with some nutritious options for pre-workout , post-workout and healthy snacks . Follow all the content and change your eating habits with our help.


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