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5 Tips for gaining muscle mass by PT Diana Abreu

Discover the best practices for gaining muscle mass in a sustainable and lasting way. Discover the benefits for your physical condition.
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gain muscular mass

Would you like to be able to gain muscle mass ? Don't worry, we're not talking about getting huge muscles, but about eliminating some fat mass, toning your body!

It is very likely that you agree that your day-to-day life is more sedentary than it should be. This may result not only from your type of work, but also from the fact that you have increasingly easier access to everything, which makes you move less.

Do you travel by car whenever you need to? Do you prefer to shop online than go to physical stores? Does it feel like time passes through your fingers and you don't even have the time to take care of yourself ? This way, it's easy to see that you're neglecting one of your body's basic capabilities: moving !

Relationship between muscle mass and mobility

Since muscles are responsible for movement, it is essential to gain muscle mass and activate it. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, a good muscular structure gives you better posture, protects you against injuries and improves physical performance. Additionally, it helps delay aging and loss of mobility.

5 Effective Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

1. Practice physical activity

When your body is not used to moving, exercising , even at low intensity, promotes positive changes and gains in muscle mass.

2. Choose multi-joint exercises

Try to do exercises with movements that integrate different muscle groups , such as bench press, rowing, squats, deadlifts and lunges. This is also an excellent time management strategy, as you will be able to work more muscles in varied activation than in isolated movements .

3. Manage intensity well

You should always apply the maxim “neither 8 nor 80”. It is important that the training has intensity, that is, that the loads are progressive and that the repetitions increase. However, it is essential to prioritize correct postures and executions to minimize the risk of injuries.

4. Rest

To gain muscle mass and achieve clear results , rest is as essential as the intensity of your training. It is essential to get enough sleep (between 7 and 8 hours) and quality sleep, so that the body can regenerate effectively.

Likewise, you need to take a break between training days so that your muscles can fully recover and be ready for the next workout. If you insist too much on a muscular structure, you need to “listen” to the body and understand if it has already recovered. Only then should you stimulate this area again.

Recovery varies greatly between individuals, and there is no exact rest time. It depends on several factors, such as physical condition, biological characteristics and quality of sleep.

5. Eat an adequate diet

Gaining muscle mass doesn't just depend on training, but on everything you do on a daily basis, such as your diet . Since the ideal formula for gains varies greatly from case to case, monitoring by a nutritionist will allow you to achieve results more efficiently.

However, protein consumption is always crucial to gain muscle mass. Consider the following daily values: you should consume around 1.4 to 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of your weight.

In short, training plays a central role in your daily life when the goal is to gain muscle mass. In addition to improving your physical condition, it will consequently bring you a better quality of life.

If you don't know where to start, don't forget that there are professionals who are ready to help and accompany you in this process.

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HELENA Ribeiro

Concordo plenamente com tudo, é isso mesmo que deve ser feito e não implica gastos extras de dinheiro…apenas rotina com disciplina e alguma sabedoria 😘

Concordo plenamente com tudo, é isso mesmo que deve ser feito e não implica gastos extras de dinheiro…apenas rotina com disciplina e alguma sabedoria 😘

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